New Midnight City Artwork


The amazing illustrator/animator Evan Cagle has finished his second original piece of art from Midnight City, and this one, in my opinion, is even more stunning than the first. It’s a glimpse inside Midnight City itself, showing its most infamous landmark: the Scorewall. As always, click for the full screen experience.

Midnight City

The Scorewall and Midnight City, Evan Cagle

In addition, Evan has allowed me to include some exploratory sketches he did as he envisioned and fine tuned the final piece. While not as polished, they’re still interesting glimpses into his working process, and pretty amazing images in their own right.

Midnight City Sketch 2

Midnight City Sketch 1



  1. Kathy
    June 19, 2012

    I *love* the score wall. I’m already intrigued and I don’t even know what it’s scoring!

  2. readeralex
    October 5, 2012

    Very cool artwork for a great book. Congrats to the illustrator as well as to the author!

    I’d like to use your book cover or a picture of The Scorewall on my blog to pimp my review of Midnight City.
    Would that be ok?

    Best wishes from Germany!


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