Valley of Fires



The sci-fi tour de force series concludes as the characters try and unite Earth’s disparate survivors to overthrow its alien invaders once and for all.

The Severed Tower is no more. Zoey has been taken by the Assembly, and time is running out. Just as their feelings are finally out in the open, Holt Hawkins and Mira Toombs are forced apart and thrust onto individual quests to try and unite what remains of Earth’s survivors against their alien invaders.

Mira ventures west, desperately holding together a fragile coalition of Wind Traders, White Helix warriors, and rebel Assembly, a mix of groups and personalities that do not trust the other. The voices of the Assembly in Mira’s head grow by the day, threatening to drive her mad, and she soon learns a grim reality: that the one great resource they have on their side, the Strange Lands artifacts, are fading, their powers waning, and soon the world will be a very different place.

Meanwhile, Holt travels with Ravan and Avril back to the one place he swore he would never return: Faust, the sprawling and dangerous desert city of the Menagerie pirate guild. He goes not only to resolve his issues with Tiberius, its tyrannical leader, but to enlist the Menagerie in the fight to save Zoey. Except Tiberius has his own problems. The Menagerie is splintering, word of rebellion is spreading. If Holt wants the Menagerie’s help, he might have to side with his greatest enemy in exchange.

Valley of Fires is the third and final installment in J. Barton Mitchell’s Conquered Earth series, following Midnight City and The Severed Tower, and it brings the thrilling, genre-bending series to an utterly unforgettable close.

Valley of Fires: A Conquered Earth Novel (The Conquered Earth Series)